When the caricatures are dying

It is supposed that you can choose between good and bad. But this is, in fact, a subjective matter. The perspective of what is good or what is bad will be always distorted by personal beliefs. And this sort of reality can be dangerous. It can hurts others. Like what was happened yesterday in France, where three supposed-to-be Muslims attackers killed few cartoonists (here). All in the name of something.

You can’t talk about love, about compassion. Not anymore. This is not anymore our world. But… If God doesn’t tell me in person to kill you, I won’t. No matter what the priest preaches me. Assuming that I am a religious person. No, I’m not. But still, I won’t kill you. Not for some drawings… All religions are private, that’s my opinion, it’s something personal and intimate. If your religion, whatever it may be, is worth killing for, then please, start with yourself.

ceci n'est pas (source)

On the other hand, we are not all Charlie (see this article here). Some of us we’ll seek revenge. Some of us will find arguments against non-violence and will pursue to kill you, your friends or your family. Innocents. The so-always-called collateral damage. After all, the criminals must and will be punished. Love, compassion? Leave that for other times, not for now. Even in silence and mourning, people are angry.

Rumi (poetry), Avicenna (medicine), Taj Mahal, The Alhambra (architecture), algebra (mathematics), Omar Khayyám (both mathematician and poet)?… Idilical poetry when you enjoy a cup of coffee, or as I can say: old suns gone for long in nightfall. This no more means Islam. Not today.

One question will rise again and again: what is it, then?


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