Ceasurile rele de marţi [54]

Together we have this love
Even so it’s not enough
Bruised and burned we won’t lose heart
And just because life gets hard

Writing lying e-mails to our friends back home
Feeling guilty if we sometimes wanna be alone

Hand cannot erase this love
Hand cannot erase this love

PS. Am găsit pe net o istorie interesantă despre acest cîntec:

This song was actually dedicated to Joyce Vincent, who died in her bedsit around December 2003 and wasn’t discovered until 3 years later. The television was still on when she was discovered on her couch on 25 January 2006 because her credit card automatically paid the electric bill. Her remains were described as „mostly skeletal” according to the pathologist, and she was lying on her back, next to a shopping bag, surrounded by Christmas presents she had wrapped but never delivered. No one knew for a while because over time she had stopped talking to her friends and family and she had quit her job. She died of probably an asthma attack but it is unknown.


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