Ceasurile rele de marţi [64]

This evening
The rain is pouring
So bored inside the house
The lights are suspiciously like the raindrops on the window
Running away in all directions

The diary in my heart
Mixes with shortness of breaths
The sounds of memory arise from the front and back of the wall
They gather in my ears
Making me helpless

The past keeps creeping in
I knew this was a disaster
I thought I could hide from it
It’s an accident that happens unexpectedly
It’s the will of Heaven
Arranged by Heaven

When the time comes to leave
My back feels wet
The cold begins to spread and wander
It surges up to the tip of my brows and flooded my heart

Memories keep breaking in
Everything becomes clear
The love that I once had
Needs to exist more than I do
Needs to exist more than I do

Let go, don’t hover about
Let it come, it’s just a disaster
Deep like the sea, deep like the sea, like the sea
Deep like the sea, deep like the sea, like the sea
Deep like the sea, like the sea, like the sea



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